All parts of FOMEX flash light

are designed for high-quality and durability. The products are designed so that
unnecessary elements that can interfere with productivity are eliminated.


Para Softbox


Fomex para
Designed to meet the best satisfaction for professional photographer, Fomex Para softbox available in various sizes provides for portrait, life shooting as well as fashion shooting. Also Fomex Para softbox creates a big and circle catch eye in the pupil of model so it is often used for fashion shooting as it brings out the live photos. With hexadecagon design, it creates the soft shadow like professional para reflector and the double layered black cover is used to help the light focused for preventing light transmission.

To match teh white balance when using digital camera and video for shooting, the softbox is made of silver material fabric which enbances the reflection and decrease the contrast, creating the natural and widely diffused soft light. The front diffuser (White fabric) is manufactured according to each size and available to be purchased individually. It is not only strong but also durable and portable and easy to assemble and disassemble. (Easy assembly by zip up on both sides)

Sizes - 180, 200, 230 available according to purpose.



Model PARA230
Depth 100 cm
Weight 2.3 kg

Do not wash the diffuser (white fabric) due to special fabric.
In case of discoloring or damaged, just change the diffuser. (Different sizes available)